A Very Serious “New Mama” PSA



I read this a few weeks ago, and after talking to a few other friends who experienced the same thing I did, I decided to post a link to this article. These thoughts completely caught me off guard, but luckily, only lasted the first few weeks after Baby D was born. I never had visions of me harming him, but had thoughts of things happening to him that were out of my control. For example, if I was taking a bath, I had visions that he’d somehow end up in the bathtub and drown. If I was making dinner, I had thoughts that the knife would fall on him and hurt him, even thought it was five feet away. They scared the living crap out of me, but luckily, I was able to identify that they were unintentional and intrusive.  I honestly just thought it was me adjusting to the responsibility of being a new mom and being afraid of anything happening to him. Luckily, I was able to ignore them, and they went away shortly after that. I didn’t even mention them to Papa D until after I read this article, out of fear that he would think I couldn’t be trusted with the baby, or that I was crazy. Of course, he didn’t – and looking back, I should have told someone about it in the event that it progressed into full-blown Post Partum Depression.  A friend of mine blogged about the same thing, recently, which made me realize that it’s more common than is discussed, and it’s a very serious thing that should be talked about more. 

I have a lot of friends that are about to be new mamas very soon, so I thought I would pass it along. I think it’s something to be aware of, as according to the article, it happens to over half of new moms. It wasn’t mentioned in my maternity class, my OB never said anything, and no one in the hospital mentioned this either. So, here’s my PSA for the day – hope all of my new mama friends are feeling happy and healthy, and if you’re not, please have the courage to talk to your doctor, or anyone, about it.

Love, Mama D


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